Compact and essential design, maximum ergonomics: reduced fatigue for the operator

The ultra-gentle scaling for sensitive patients.
– Mectron innovative SOFT MODE, allows a nearly painless treatment for patients and maximum comfort for clinicians.
– Available in all the applications

Integrated WIFI technology – already prepared for future IoT functions

Independent irrigation
Independent bottle tank switching in different colour according to the clinical indication (capacity 500 ml)

Touch keyboard
Exclusive multifunction touch keyboard with colour code according to the clinical indication

Flush function
Short flush cycle – to get the irrigation at the tip before starting the treatment; Long flush cycle -to perform an automatic cleaning cycle of the irrigation circuit at the end of each treatment

Slim handpiece
Slim ultrasonic LED handpiece with circular light – lightweight only 55 g!

3 functions with 12 different power settings
– scaling and perio
– endodontic
– prosthetics

Wide insert range
– More than 30 inserts available
– 1 key 1 insert! Every insert is supplied with its own torque wrench to avoid cross contamination and to reduce the sterilization time.

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