PALTOP’s Fully Guided Surgical System provides a solution for the virtual planning of implant surgery and performance of the full surgical procedure in a safe, accurate, predictable, and efficient manner. With fully guided surgery, the implant can be placed for the ideal prosthetic result.  In addition, abutments and provisional crowns can be pre-planned and pre-manufactured.


  • Complete guidance of the full drilling sequences including implant delivery
  • Complete analysis and diagnosis of case
  • Virtual, clinical, and surgical planning prior to surgery
  • Small amount of drills required while using the guide
  • A handpiece guided system is used to minimize interarch space requirements
  • Simple surgical procedure
  • Easy to use
  • Small amount of parts being inserted into and out of patient’s mouth


PALTOP’s Unique Fully Guided Surgical Method

Paltop DGS (drill guide sleeve)  device is inserted into the kit provided contra-angle. Specially designed fully guided surgical drills are sequentially inserted in and out of the handpiece. The DGS guides the contra-angle engaging the drills.

The PALTOP Fully Guided Surgical System provides a unique solution for improved accuracy and ease of use. With the PALTOP system, there is no need to use cumbersome spoons or a large number of surgical drills.


HEX Positioning System

Unique implant placement system Controls hex orientation and implant height! Hex Positioning Keys allow for the insertion of implants in the Fully Guided Surgical Guide. These positioning keys have the ability to position the implant at the correct height and hex orientation in the position that was previously designed in the planning. Pre-designed  custom healing abutments, abutments and provisionals may be manufactured when using this implant insertion.


The unique Hex Positioning Mechanism allows for the insertion of implants through the surgical guide with a “lock in place” feature that determines precisely  the height and hex orientation in the pre-planned position.

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