From an edentulous condition to fully functional and aesthetic restoration, in one session/

PALTOP offers an exciting opportunity to create a personalized, advanced, simplified and cost-effective digital treatment workflow. PALTOP’s digital treatment workflow enables you to perform simple, safe and accurate preplanned surgical procedures utilizing cutting edge technology, with no need to invest in expensive equipment. Build a digital treatment workflow according to the needs of your office, utilizing our cutting-edge technology.

Scientific Team

The treatment plan and products the Doctor needs is planned and designed by the doctors of Ariston Dental, in cooperation with you and under your supervision. Ariston Dental’s medical team is comprised of specialized doctors, highly trained in the design of digital products and Paltop’s digital workflow.

Immediate Service and Support

The planning, design and delivery of the surgical guides and/or the immediate provisional restoration is completed within 3-5 days.


The possibility to place implants without raising a flap is offered, utilizing of the specially designed guided tissue punch instruments.

Shipping of a “Digital Box” within 3-5 days

*Delivery time depends on the time needed to collect the complete and correct data, the approval of the treatment plan from the treating doctor, as well as the location of the destination.

Continuous Development

Paltop Fully Guided Surgical Kit has already been upgraded to mark II.

The 2nd generation Fully Guided Surgical Kit is even simpler and easier to use, thus minimizing further the necessary surgical steps and tools.

DGS (drill guide sleeve)

Unique DGS system that guides the head of the handpiece.

Using Paltop’s Guided system, there is no need to use numerous, complicated and confusing instruments and spoons.