Demands for high quality and specialized dental and surgical tools are constantly increasing.

The German company devemed works in close collaboration with leading dentists and continuously heeds their needs. As a result, it markets the F-line product line that innovates and responds to the high standards of the clinicians.

F-line means First-Line: Best quality, well-thought functions, perfect comfort, fantastic design and the most important point: easy cleaning. All instruments are coordinated to each other and adapted to devemed’s STAINLESS STEEL TRAY SYSTEM.


  • Dense drilling that allows the water to enter during washing to achieve the best possible cleaning.
  • Mounting versatility: tools can be placed in a horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Numerous sizes and accessories
  • Saving space: Designed design and dimensions to allow stacking

Devemed’s DEV-OS & DEV-PIN system offers everything you need to install screws or pins when placing titanium membranes or bone grafts in block form.

devemed’s tray can by fully customized by selecting screws and / or pins in the desired dimensions, and the corresponding tools to handle them.

Please see their full catalog below: