Smart implant detector

Advanced electronic device that accurately locates dental implants covered by gum tissue

Developed by Forum Technologies, a leader in dental devices market for over 30 years. The first innovative Implant Spotter minimizes pain and reduces healing and chair time to maximize the benefit for both the patient and the dentist.

This is an essential device to be added to your toolbox when implant location identification is necessary.

This amazing tool will enable you to:

  • Easily find buried implant
  • Shorten the time required to locate a buried implant
  • Minimize and shorten the recovery period


More advantages that are achieved when using this device:

  • Accurate location of the buried implant
  • Detachable sensing head that is easy to be sterilized
  • Suitability with various titanium implants systems

For 2 stage implantology when using no healing cup

Forum Technologies Implant Spotter is a unique instrument in the modern implantology procedure. Utilizing advanced technology, Implant Spotter is a precise, user-friendly, cost-effective and affordable instrument for both the skilled implantologist and the general practitioner.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 215mm x 45mm, diameter 21 mm

Weight: 60g

Display: LED segments

Power source: single 1.5V AA alkaline primary battery


Box Content

– AA alkaline battery

– Sensor holder

– Sensor

– User Manual


Warranty: 24 months