stypro® is an absorbable, topical hemostatic sponge. The gelatin sponge accelerates clot formation by enhancing platelet aggregation. The blood components interact with the enlarged surface of the sponge and the secretions of the wound are soaked through the porous structure. stypro® provides a safe, effective and comfortable platform for hemostasis, control of blood coagulation, wound management, tissue repair and natural wound healing.


  • High porosity
  • Complete resorption within 3–4 weeks
  • High absorption capacity
  • Single use pack


Dentoalveolar surgery and extraction of teeth (also in patients with risk of hemorrhages), regeneration of mucosal tissues removal of mandibular cysts, surgical removal of oral tumors and leucoplakias, surgical treatment of periapical and dental abscesses and maxillofacial surgery.


  • stypro® Cubus 10x10x10 mm
  • stypro® Strips 50x10x10 mm

In sterile individual packaging