Soft Tissue Profiling. The Umbrella and Cervico Concepts


Alberto Miselli

LECTURE (3 hours)

Part 1

  • – Basics of modern implantology. Delayed, Early and Immediate Implant Placement. Mediate vs Immediate Loading. Indication and benefits of each situation.
  • – Prosthetic planning with biological concepts
  • – Soft tissues around a tooth, implant and edentulous area
  • – The gingival and mucosal biotype and phenotype
  • – Management of soft tissue, before, during and after implant surgery with individualized healing abutment and provisionalization

Part 2

  • – The provisionalization, key procedure for success in the aesthetic zone
  • – Selection of the elements and prosthetic materials for the construction of the individualized healing abutment, provisionalization and final restoration
  • – Individual Crowns, Splinted Crowns, hybrid restoration, Implant retained, mucosa supported
  • – Screwed vs. Cemented
  • – Description of the Umbrella Concept: Emergence Profile Mastering with Cervico VPI System

Ioannis Vergoullis

LECTURE (2 hours)

Emergence and cervical profile of the peri-implant soft tissues: Which is its relevance under the new available research data? How can we manage it in an easy, fast and predictable manner?
The emergence and cervical soft tissue profile is a truly underestimated parameter of treatment in modern implantology. Even going back to the nineties we can find research data that point out the biologic importance of the peri-implant soft tissue. However, the available techniques for the emergence profile management were never established as standard of care for all implant cases. This is mainly due to the fact that they require extra time, increase the cost of treatment and are somehow difficult to master. However the new research data available on this topic along with the increased rate of cases affected by peri-implantitis worldwide point out the need for dentists practicing implantology to re-evaluate critically the currently applied treatment protocols and adapt to the new information available.

During this presentation the following questions will be answered:

“What is the importance of a natural emergence and cervical profile development and how this is related to:

  • a. The surgical, the restorative and the lab stage of treatment
  • b. Biological and technical complications
  • c. The patients’ satisfaction and the dentist’s establishment as an Expert in his field.

Finally, a new methodology with the use of an innovative system (Cervico by VPI) that simplifies and accelerates the necessary steps of selection, generation and recording of an ideal emergence and cervical profile will be extensively presented. The following topics with regards to Cervico system will be extensively covered in an easy to follow and understand way:

  • – Full clinical protocol of use of the system for the proper selection, generation, recording and replication of the ideal emergence and cervical profile
  • – Added uses of the Cervico Guide as a surgical, restorative and diagnostic guide
  • – Added uses of the Cervico Mold for the fabrication of custom temporary abutments, duplicate impression posts of temporary prostheses, custom tabs for lab fabricated surgical guides and more.
  • – Implementation of Cervico system to 2-dimensional digital protocols
  • – Implementation of Cervico system to CAD CAM protocols
  • – The short and long term positive impact that the use of the Cervico system can have to the dentist’s practice will be fully analyzed from different aspects. This particular parameter will be approached from many different angles, involving the surgeon, the restorative dentist, the lab technician, the dental assistant and the person in charge of marketing of the office.
  • – Individual Crowns, Splinted Crowns, hybrid prosthesis, Implant retained mucosa supported
  • – Screwed vs. Cemented
  • – Description of the Umbrella Concept: emergence Profile Mastering with Cervico VPI System

Alexander Tzovairis

LECTURE (2 hours)

Soft and Hard tissue optimization in single and partial edentulous sites with VPI Cervico

  • – Cervical profile generation: Challenges according to site topography and time of implant placement.
  • – KEEP – MAINTAIN – RESTORE Workflow: Clinical case demonstration in immediate implant placement and edentulous sites.
  • – Alveolar socket Classification.
  • – The mIVAN technique for hard and soft tissue optimisation during socket preservation in upper anterior sites.
  • – Introducing a novel Technique for Soft and hard tissue optimisation during socket preservation in posterior sites.
  • – Biologically driven implant placement in delayed protocols.
  • – Managing the edentulous site for tissue optimization: Tent pole technique, Incision design, abutment reshaping, resurfacing, CTG grafting.
  • – Apron Flap and Omega Technique for posterior edentulous sites.
  • – Management of pontic sites.

Alberto Miselli & Ioannis Vergoullis

HANDS-ON (3 hours)

Part 1

  • – Preparation of temporary abutment with umbrella Concept on a Model

Part 2

  • – Preparation of individualized healing abutments and transfer with Cervico VPI Umbrella Concept

Cervico system. Hands on training.

  • – Full description of all parts of the Cervico System. How each of these parts relates or adapts to the current implant systems and clinical protocols the dentist uses.
  • – Practice on the use of the system, including the use of demo kits and training models. Goal of this course will be for each one of the participants to be able to understand and implement the proposed protocols immediately after the end of the course so that he can provide his patients with the best quality of care and build on becoming established as an expert in this field.

Alexander Tzovairis

HANDS-ON (3 hours)

Soft/Hard tissue optimization around the single implant

  • – A hands on will enable the participant to learn step by step and reproduce the mIVAN technique for socket preservation in anterior sites and a novel technique for the posterior sites. Soft tissue management techniques for restoring the cervical profile around customised abutments will be also highlighted during the practical course.
  • – CTG Harvesting, Major palatal artery Ligature, Apron Flap.
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