R-SI-LINE Metal Bite

Dentaladvisor.com declared it as Top Bite Registration Material for 2012 and continued to include it in the list of preferred products for 2013.

R-SI-LINE METAL-BITE sets hard and fast, accurately capturing a record of a patient’s occlusion, even if only a small amount of material is used. Limiting its use to the occlusal surfaces avoids locking it into undercuts and makes it easier to remove from the mouth of the patient.

R-SI-LINE Impression materials offer

  • comfortable working times for stress free impressions
  • intraoral normal set components
  • intraoral fast set (FS) components
  • an excellent Snap-Set (this is a temporally steep, sigmoidal (S-form) phase history during the polymerisation phase)
  • an excellent thixotropic behaviour (excellent standing – and flowable character,
  • under pressure the consistency changes, it will become a lower viscosity and optimal flow)
  • optimised Shore-A-hardness and
  • easy withdrawal from the mouth


  • cp dark grey, A-silicone
  • universal registration material
  • extremely hard and fast
  • wt ~ s, tim ~ 40 s
  • shore D-hardness ~ 40
  • acc. Prof. (HR) Dr. A. Gutowski, Dr. M. O. Ahlers, Dr. C. Konecke
  • radiopaque for manufacturing surgical guides
  • 2 x 50 ml + 12 MIC SXN
  • CAD-CAM CIM Impression Technology
  • Scanable A-Silicone, for a powderfree 3D-Data registration of antagonists
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References & Presentations
MBK1074 2 x 50 ml + 12 MIC SXN
References & Presentations
MBK1074 2 x 50 ml + 12 MIC SXN