• 100% cotton cord is knitted into interlocking chains: to facilitate easy packing of cord into sulcus.
  • Knitted loops absorb and transport significantly greater quantities of hemostatic solution or gel providing more effective hemostasis.
  • For quick and easy identification the 3 sizes are colour-coded.


  • Size 000:
    • To be used when the sulcus is very narrow and shallow.
  • Size 00:
    • To be used when the sulcus is narrow and shallow.
    • To be used for the impression technique with double cords. The 00 is placed at the bottom of the sulcus first
  • Size 0:
    • To be used when the sulcus is narrow.
    • To be used when the gum is thin.
    • To be used for an impression of mandibular incisors.
  • Size 1:
    • To be used with a thick gum and when the sulcus is deep.
    • To be used for impressions of other dental sectors.
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