Cervico Mold

The Cervico Mold is an in-office tool used for the fabrication of custom-shaped healing abutments and impression posts made out of composite material. It can also be used for the duplication of a modified healing abutment or temporary prosthesis to a duplicate impression post. It features 17 wells that can be used for all of the above purposes. The tools of the Cervico Mold system are:

A. Mold Base

B. Centered Silicone Insert

C. Base screwdriver

The top ring of the base carries a letter coding that corresponds to the shape and size of the well of the silicone insert.

The bottom ring of the base carries a number coding that corresponds to the VPI Prosthetic connection Insert installed into the base.

The top ring of the base, along with the silicone insert installed in a stable position within it, can rotate in relation to the bottom ring of the base. This allows the alignment of different wells of the silicone insert with different VPI Prosthetic connection Inserts installed into the base of the mold.

Silicone Inserts
The Cervico Mold is available with the centered silicone insert. An off-centered silicone insert is also available for purchase as an accessory. This silicone insert allows the fabrication of custom healing abutments and impression posts that have a custom body off-centered in relation to the axis of the temporary abutment or impression post. This is particularly useful for lingually placed implants in immediate extraction and implantation protocols.

VPI Prosthetic Connection Inserts
A VPI Prosthetic connection insert is a unit with innovative design that replicates the prosthetic connection and platform of a given implant. The innovative external design allows the installation of the insert into the base of the mold in only one functional orientation and a stable position. The innovative internal design of the VPI Insert allows it in many occasions to be functional with multiple platform sizes of the same prosthetic connection. Each insert is available with a retention screw that allows its safe coupling to the mold. The insert has its item number and an arrow laser printed on its outer surface. A plethora of different VPI Inserts are available in order to fulfill the clinical needs. Please refer to the VPI Prosthetic connection inserts compatibility chart in order to determine the one that fits your needs.