Surgitime Titanium Seal

Surgitime Titanium Seal (Titanium-Foil) is ideal for three-dimensional bone regeneration (GBR, Guided Bone Regeneration). If necessary, it can be attached with studs or screws.


Surgitime Titanium aids in bone neoformation, acting as a barrier that prevents the migration of epithelial cells and connective tissue, avoiding the competition with the bone graft. It is recommended for the initiation of osteoconduction or to seal a fresh extraction socket.


  • The Surgitime Titanium SEAL (Titanium-Foil) provides microstability. Its surface is electro passivated chemically, so that it is bioelectrically neutral. Impermeable, it performs well even when exposed.
  • The fully impermeable Titanium-Foil is prestressable, stable and acts as a space maker, e.g. for alveolar ridge augmentation.
  • Surgitime Titanium Seal has excellent biocompatibility, it is fully impermeable, and it excludes the possibility of competition and invagination of the soft tissues on the grafts and bone defects. Surgitime Titanium Seal is very flexible and can be used to cover periodontal or alveolar defects and generally does not require fixation, but if necessary, the Bionnovation graft and fixation screw accessory can be used.


  • 34 x 25 mm / 0,04 mm thickness