Surgitime Titanium Mesh

Nonabsorbable titanium screen made with pure Titanium (ASTM F-67). It is ideal for three-dimensional bone regeneration (GBR, Guided Bone Regeneration).


  • ΤSurgitime Titanium aids in bone neoformation, acting as a barrier that prevents the migration of epithelial cells and connective tissue, avoiding the competition with the bone graft.


The titanium mesh provides excellent biocompatibility, occlusive property, its permeability enables the transmission of nutrients, easy use because it is very malleable and can be cut to adapt to surgical sites, has the capacity of keeping the regenerative space whole and enables vascularization of the graft on both sides (periosteum and endosteum). It was designed to ensure the three-dimensional reconstruction of alveolar bone defects and to facilitate bone replacement through suitable fixation of the replacement material.

  • Since it has memory, it can be premolded into the defect
  • No trauma on soft tissues
  • Suitable containment of the bone graft
  • Improves the space for bone regeneration
  • Ultra fine (0.04 mm)
  • Biocompatible
  • Titanium Grade 1


  • 34 x 25 mm
  • 0,04 mm thickness
  • Ø 0,15 mm round holes