Surgitime Titanium Customized 3d

The Surgitime titanium 3df has a special design in order to be fixed directly on the implant with the cover screw or healing cap.


  • Flexible and easy to form
  • Applicable for both one-stage and two-stage surgeries
  • Preformed fixing hole. With the use of the healing cap or cover screw the mesh gets fixed without the need for a fixing screw or pin
  • Optimum pores for blood supply to the bone graft
  • Superior strength and excellent retention of space with high durability
  • Customized for all degrees of bone defect
  • Biocompatible, made of Titanium

Easy to customize

  • No need to cut, due to customized shape. It can be used in the original shape
  • It can be customized in 3 different shapes to fit all cases of bone defect
  • Easy to cut in customized shapes through cutting guidelines