Heron IOS - Intraoral Scanner

Heron™ IOS

Intraoral scanner that creates digital 3D models for dental restorations.


The scanner is an optical impression system that creates digital 3D models for dental restorations. It records the tooth morphology for use in CAD/CAM for the design and manufacturing of:

  • Anatomic crowns
  • Primary telescopes
  • Simple & anatomic copings
  • Veneers
  • Waxup digital copy milling
  • Inlays, onlays
  • Attachments
  • Waxup-based frameworks
  • Post & core
  • Bridge frameworks



  • Truly Ergonomic
  • Compact design, weighs only 150 grams
  • 360° rotating tip for optimal scanning angle
  • Fast scanning for comfortable impression taking
  • Open format for widest lab integration (open STL, PLY or OBJ files)
  • Improved lab communication with QuantorClinic™ workflow and cloud solution

High Accuracy

  • HD image capture and color scanning
  • No powder or spray required




  • No license activations
  • No license annuities
  • Free upgrades

Exocad OEM

  • Chairside Platform to manage your patient and project
  • Dental Share to instantly send to Exocad recipient labs
  • No license renewal
  • Flexibility seamlessly integrated to Exocad’s complete software solution for digital dentistry

Heron™ IOS – Simplicity at its Best

The scanner comes with QuantorClinic™, a software application that handles order management and scanning, as well as lab sharing. QuantorClinic™ offers a touchscreen interface and functions that are easy-to-use and built for collaboration.

The file format from QuantorClinic™ is open STL, PLY or OBJ files to provide flexibility in the lab's choice of CAD system.


The chart below illustrates how QuantorClinic™ works together with other 3DISC and 3rd software applications to handle the entire restoration process, from the first scan of the original tooth, through order creation, scan of preparation, validation and order submission, to production and final seating.


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