ULTIMA is a multi-purpose, high performance LED curing light.



ULTIMA provides enough energy and intensity in the whole absorption spectrum to activate different photoinitiator that could be used, at this time, in the dental composites (Camphorquinone, Lucirine®, TPO, PPD). The Camphorquinone is covered by the blue light spectrum, whereas the TPO, the Lucirine® and the PPD react to the UV spectrum. 

At the heart of innovation.

  • Advanced mathematics, associated with the latest researches in optical geometry, allowed us to develop this unique lens used for ULTIMA
  • Different operating modes are available: curing mode (composites, cements, brackets, cavity liners) and diagnostic mode (detection of cavities, transillumination)
  • Wide emission spectrum to polymerize all materials, with different photo-initiators
  • This lens is composed of mini LED (UV + blue + white) that can be combined together or used alone.

Specially designed

  • Easy handling due to an ultra-light weight of around 85g for a total length of 21cm
  • Pen-like aluminum on piece for the optimal comfort of the practician
  • Its straight shape facilitates intraoral access in posterior and in anterior, without overstretching the patient’s mouth
  • Two orange silicone eyes shields are provided in the kit. It should be placed on the head of ULTIMA. It has been designed to avoid any slipping during polymerisation
  • Water-resistant (IPX4)

Easy maintenance

  • The ULTIMA design station recharges the battery of the curing light
  • Extra batteries and their dedicated charger can be easily purchased on the internet at a very affordable price


Polymerisation - Standard mode

  • Polymerisation of dual-curing and photo composites and dual-curing cements
  • Polymerisation depth: ~ 4 mm
  • Period: 20 sec. with a beep every 5 sec.

Polymerisation - Boost Mode

  • Brackets and ceramic veneers bonding (>2000mW)
  • Period: 5 sec.

Polymerisation - Soft mode (Half power of the standard mode)

  • Polymerisation close to the pulp (composites, cavity liners)
  • Polymerisation depth: ~ 2 mm (20 sec.)
  • Period: 10 sec.
  • This low-power mode allows a polymerisation without any excessive heat release, to protect the tooth vitality.

Diagnostic Mode (UV light)

  • Wavelength between 390 and 415 nm
  • Visualisation of the dental plaque, infected dentin, micro-leakages, old composites restorations and excess resin cements when they contain fluorescent molecules
  • Period: continuing emission during 60 sec. with a beep after 30 sec.

Transillumination Mode (White light)

  • Visualisation of cracks depth, fissures and subgingival tartar
  • Period: continuing emission during 60 sec. with a beep after 30 sec.

Resistant and reliable

  • The use of aeronautic aluminum gives ULTIMA an amazing drop resistance
  • The anodized finish makes it scratch-resistant
  • 1 year warranty


  • The different LED show you the operating mode and the battery charge status
  • ULTIMA has 2 touch buttons: “on/off” and the mode button (curing/diagnostic)
  • Available in aluminum or matt black color
  • ULTIMA is provided with its station.

 Sleep mode

  • After 60 seconds of inactivity, ULTIMA will go into sleep mode.

Visualisation of infected dentin

  • Infected dentin shows a pink fluorescence.

Detection of dental decay and plaque

  • When dental decay and plaque are detected, a fluoresence appears under the pink light.

Visualisation of bacterial activity

  • The UV light is the very best way to check that there is no bacteria before the application of sealant

Reveal the cracks

  • Thanks to the transillumination technique, the white light highlights the cracks

Visualisation of restorations and cement excess

  • When exposed to the light, some composite materials show a fluoresence which allows you to easily detect restorations and cement excess. Thus, the tooth can be kept intact when removing old restorations (removal of orthodontic brackets for instance)

Packaging contents

  • 1 handpiece in black matt color
  • 1 station / charger
  • 1 rechargeable battery
  • 100 disposable protection sleeves
  • 2 orange eyes shields



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