ethoss® A revolutionary, synthetic bone graft that gets replaced by new host bone in 10-12 weeks.  

ethoss® is a mix of β-Tri-Calcium Phosphate (β-TCP) and Calcium Sulphate, creating a calcium-rich environment which is ideal for bone growth, with a cell occlusive membrane built-in. It is completely reabsorbed by a patient’s new bone as it grows, ready to support a dental implant.

Most human biopsies typically show 50% novo-bone at 12 weeks, after the use of ethoss®. Over three decades of experience led to a synthesis that follows the body’s natural healing process. It has been developed to work with it by using fully biocompatible materials to help true host bone regeneration. ethoss® succeeded in speeding up healing time, but also in retaining bone volume. These properties make it ideal for protocols that demand immediate loading, as much as for longer recovery time cases. 

*Based on the following published case syudy:$file/EDI_Journal_4_2014.pdf


ethoss® advantages:

• Does not suffer wash-out in bloody sites

• Sets in vivo to provide a stable graft

• Maintains long term bone volume

• No need for an additional collagen membrane

• Fast conversion to bone - biopsies show 50% bone at 12 weeks

• Fully replaced by the patient’s own bone in a few months time

• Synthetic bi-phasic paste - simple syringe delivery system


ethoss® can be used in:


• peri-implantitis

• periodontitis

• buccal defects

• sinus grafts

• socket filling



ethoss® comes in 2 volumes:

• 0.5cc syringe 

• 1.0cc syringe




Surgical guidelines

Ethoss protocol


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