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Paltop Advanced Dental Solutions Ltd. 

Paltop® group is based on more than 30 years of experience in the dental implantology field. The company was established by three key persons, who bring decades of experience in scientific research, dental surgery, implantology engineering, as well as proved experience in international industrial management to the highest standards.

The company was founded by three visionaries with the goal of establishing an international implant company that will lead the implant market by providing advanced dental solutions through scientific innovations, highly designed product development and state of the art manufacturing systems of the highest standard and quality.

The company’s goal and vision is to become a leading company in providing advanced dental solutions in the areas of implantology, restoration, esthetics and guided surgery technology.

The company strives to spearhead these fields, combining international knowledge and experience from the top of the clinical world, with fast and dynamic developmental systems and the most advanced production lines, as well as with market development that is based on world IT trends and social networks. .


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The Medbone® – Medical Devices Ltd is developing medical devices since 2008 for orthopedic and dentistry implant surgeries, using innovative technology, for the national and international market. Medbone´s mission consists in producing innovative high quality implants by providing the Medical Professional with additional tools to improve the living conditions of their patients. The products developed are absorbable biomaterials based on calcium phosphates, including hydroxyapatite (HAp) and tricalcium phosphate (TCP). These products are available in the form of granules, cylinders, wedges and in injectable form. The products produced have properties similar to natural bone, allowing a better quality of life for people.The Medbone is constantly expanding the range of applications, responding to the growing needs of health professionals through the development of new medical devices, focusing on constant innovation, with the help of its R & D department, with protected industrial property.The Medbone is a company certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


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Zest Anchors

For 40 years, ZEST Anchors has been a global leader in the manufacturing of overdenture attachments. The original ZEST® Anchor Attachment was developed in 1972 by Max Zuest at his dental laboratory in San Diego, California. Forty years later, our departed founder Max is remembered for his vision as a pioneer in dentistry.Zest Anchors pioneered self-aligning attachments to combat the damage done by the improper seating of overdentures. We have since achieved certification to the stringent requirements of ISO 9001 for the design and quality manufacturing of dental attachments. The LOCATOR product line is our third generation of attachments and has achieved worldwide acceptance as the premier overdenture attachment in the dental industry.Today, more than 70 manufacturers have partnered with Zest Anchors to customize our LOCATOR® pivoting technology abutments to be interface compatible with over 350 different implant products. The LOCATOR carries the CE Mark for distribution in Europe, and also meets the Canadian Medical Device Requirements for Canada.We are extremely proud of our company’s long-term reputation of excellence in quality dental manufacturing and service to our customers. The worldwide acceptance and success of the LOCATOR® has propelled our company to new levels of accomplishment. By creating exciting new products that are second to none, the continued success of Zest Anchors is cemented in the philosophy of placing patient satisfaction above all else.


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Lifenet Health

LifeNet Health Bio-Implants Division is a leader in the engineering and processing of dental, cardiovascular, spinal and orthopedic bio-implants and distributes more than 300,000 bio-implants every year to restore health to patients around the world. LifeNet Health helps to save lives and restore health for thousands of patients each year. We are the world’s most trusted provider of transplant solutions, from organ procurement to new innovations in bio-implant technologies and cellular therapies – a leader in the field of regenerative medicine, while always honoring the donors and healthcare professionals that allow the healing process.


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Ethoss Regeneration Ltd.

A clinically-led company, Ethoss Regeneration Ltd was founded in 2013 by Dr Peter Fairbairn, a world-renowned practitioner with over 3 decades’ experience placing implants and Dr Paul Harrison, a highly experienced dental product development specialist. The company was formed with a simple philosophy – “the body wants to heal, let’s work with it”. By working with the body’s natural healing process it is possible to drastically speed up healing time, improving both clinical outcomes and patient comfort. Leveraging the extensive experience of the founders, this philosophy guided the company as they developed ethoss® – a unique Guided Bone Regeneration product for use in dental implant surgery. The company is now focussed on spreading the word of ethoss® through an extensive clinical education programme, with numerous talks and courses planned. Ethoss Regeneration is working with a fast growing number of distribution partners around the world.


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We design, develop and manufacture medical devices to bring innovative solutions for biosurgery. We work with international surgeons experts to offer you simple, original and effective medical devices to facilitate your gesture and improve postoperative suites for your patients.


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The concern for quality has increased significantly. To guarantee this quality, Devemed counts on employees that have been trained to the highest standards. The company has qualified and experienced technicians and operation managers.

In order to meet the dentists’ growing needs, the company pays a close attention to their requirements. It’s their opinion that helps us customize the new and further developed high-tech instruments. That’s why Devemed …makes the difference!