AlloBind Particulates

AlloBind particulates are a novel bone grafting material that offers the convenience of particulates with the ease of a putty. AlloBind particulates are packaged as a freeze-dried powder that once rehydrated, handles like a world class putty. Unlike a putty, AlloBind provides the physician the flexibility to obtain the desired graft fluidity.

  • Comprised of 100% allograft tissue.
  • Contains no synthetic or animal derived fillers or carriers.
  • Reconstituted with sterile saline, blood or PRF
  • Can be mixed with mineralized allografts, xenografts or autografts.
  • Each lot verified for osteoinductivity.

AlloBind Particulates should be gradually injected with sterile saline to reconstitute the graft until the desired handling characteristics are achieved.

Hydration Level
For reconstitution of the graft, Maxxeus Dental recommends a diluent volume of saline equivalent to 1/3 of the dry volume. The graft fluidity may be customized by choosing the volume of hydration solution to combine with AlloBind particulates.

allobind packaging
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