ACM Autochip maker

ACM (Autochip Maker) is an instrument to collect autograft bone from mandibular molars or incisor for GBR in defected area. Maximum autogenous bone volume in minimum time.

1cc within 10 seconds!

  • Collect up to 1cc of autogeonous bone within 10 seconds.
  • The bone volume can be adjusted by using different diameters.
  • Special non-slip tip design.
  • Excellent cutting force, no vibration on any surface.
  • 7 single use stoppers with re-useable drill.


1. Mount stopper to ACM and connect dental implant motor.
2. Locate the drill on the surface of operation area by pressing it slightly with saline irrigation.

  • Recommended drilling speed is 300-500rpm and maximum torque over 50Ncm.
  • The stopper does not go deeper than 4mm. Maximum 4mm depth autograft bone can be collected in each area.
  • In order to collect high quality autograft bone, drill until 3-4mm depth and move to different area to collect the same quality bone chip.
  • Drill to left and right for effective cutting and cooling.

3. When autograft bone is fully filled in the space, take out the bone chips from ACM to the medical bowl after removing the stopper.
4. Repeat procedure 1-3 until enough autograft bone has been taken.
5. GBR with the collected autograft bone in the defected area.